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7 August, 2000

After 12 hours of traveling and 5 hours of sleep I awoke today to rain, clouds and lots of green trees, most of which were unidentifiable I'm I don't think I'm in AZ anymore Toto! New Hampshire is a far different environment than the Sonoran Desert of the SW.

I will be here in Hanover, NH, the home of Dartmouth College and CRREL (Dartmouth Regions Research CRREL Dartmouth) learning what I need to know for my trip to the Arctic scheduled for Summer. Our group consists of approx. 16 teachers from all parts of the country and who teach approx. all grade levels. Kathy, a teacher from TN teaches kindergarten and is introducing Arctic studies to her students this coming year. Now there's a class I wish I had had when I was five. There are elementary, middle and high school teachers with a variety of subjects represented. We will be the students for this entire week ...and our students think we don't go to school or study during the year. Chris Donovan

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