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8 December, 2003

Our work here at Big Razorback is done. Today was a day to relax and enjoy the last official day 'out on the ice'. We'd been gazing across at Tent Island for the whole field season, so felt compelled to find out what the view looked like as we gazed back at camp and out over the not-so-distant ocean from its summit. It was a beautiful and cloudless day--perfect for a nice hike to a great viewpoint.

After spending the afternoon packing for tomorrow's move, we decided it was time for just one more trip to the edge of the ice. This time, instead of viewing the ocean from the cliffs of Cape Royds, we drove to within 50 feet of the edge and parked our snowmobiles. Last night's open water was filled with floating chunks of ice as a light breeze from the north blew the broken pack ice in our direction. There were small groups of Adelie Penguins wandering along the ice edge, mingling with a few wandering Emperor Penguins. A Weddell Seal lay on a chunk of pack ice as it floated nearby. Add to this an endless blue sky, no wind, and an incredible Antarctic vista in all directions. Need I say more?

Daily Haiku:

Endless white vistas

Blue skies, white ice, dark ocean

Antarctic image

This is the to the north from the top of Tent Island. The open water appears as a dark blue sliver at the top of white ice.

The view back to our camp at Big Razorback.

A pair of Emperor Penguins at the ice edge.

Here's a few of the adelie penguins wandering along the edge of the ice.

Gillian, Kelly, and Darren enjoy a hot beverage and lunch on the summit of Tent Island.

I just can't resist sharing one more picture of Mt. Errebus!

Life in Antarctica; the edge of the ice with Emperor Penguins, a Weddell Seal (barely visible on the floating ice in the background), and an Adelie Penguin.

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