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29 June, 2001

Today, according to Roger Harritt, was a typical Bering Strait Day, lots of rain and wind. We went out at 8:00 A.M. to continue digging and clearing. We reach permafrost, wait, and clear more. I have named my trowel Thurston Trowel III or T3. Expansion of North mound TEL 079 was worked on. We are expanding the excavation to try and learn more about the house that is being excavated. It is thought the house is 700 years old.

I went to the IRA today, Indian Reorganization Act Council. They let me use the computer for awhile. It is a bit frustrating not being able to access the Internet everyday and anytime. I remember the motto at TEA orientation, "Be flexible." We take for granted that we are able to do most anything when we want and when we do not get an opportunity it becomes frustrating. I guess we or I have to learn to be patient. The people in the IRA office are very helpful. Without their help I would be lost. Thank you!!!

We quit working around 4:00 P.M. today. We can only do so much until the sites thaw more. The bags from last year are still frozen and will need more time. It should be fun to screen this material. Tonight and the weekend will bring the dance to Wales. Last year was the first time in 57 years a dance was held. There are many groups coming tonight. There will also be a potluck supper on Sunday. This should prove to be very interesting. I hope to try some food I have never experienced before. The groups are from Wales, King Island, Anchorage/Kingikmiut, and Diomede.

Julie is beginning to excavate the unit.

Roger is measuring off the whole 079 mound. We must all be in sync. with the measurements.

Margie, Julie, and Maria are starting to excavate. Notice how the units are in measured in one square meter.

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