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18 July, 2001

Unfortunately we will be things down soon. We still have 2 weeks to go, bur next week we have to start cleaning up the site. I am not sure what that entails but I have a feeling we will be very busy. I think shovels are the tools we will be using, not trowels.

It was sunny today, but very windy and cold. Actually I thought it was one of the colder days yet. We did our usual work, excavating all day. This is to me, very soothing and relaxing. It is hard work, extremely hard work, but the anticipation of finding something is the exciting part. You want to work to finish your unit, you want it to look good and professional, and you hope there will be something in the ground for you. I like the camaraderie a great deal. Everyone is excited for everyone, no matter what we find. They made me feel very good yesterday, when I found the doll.

You should not think you are going to find something all of the time. I did have a good day though. I found 2 lithic points, a needle (ivory), and some worked ivory.

The day ended with some news I was hoping not to hear (in fact all of us were hoping the same thing). We are without water. We will be without it for a few days. I guess I will learn how to take a shower using only a cup of water.

We needed to have a spot of tea to discuss the day.

I am pictured here with fauna (bones). We had to dry and dry and get the findings ready for their trip to be analyzed. They will be all coming back to Wales one day.

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