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23 July, 2001

Aang Greetings Aleut

The crew at TEL 079 (Julie, Amy, Victoria, Marie, Wesley, and myself) all worked together today. We have four more days of excavating and would like to get down more levels. We are finishing up level four and would like to get to level five. We reached large boards, possibly the floor of the house. We are still not sure how they should go; we need to get lower. Our objective at this point is to lower the levels. We have not found as much the past two days, more ceramic which tells us where we might be in the house.

The mosquitoes started to pay us a visit today, but fortunately for us the weather turned colder. This kept these pesky creatures away. It was once again a typical day in the Bering Strait.

Team Bio:

Another member of the team: Maria Tavaszi received her B.A. in Anthropology from the University of New Orleans. She is currently working on her Masters degree in Anthropology. She is specializing in Museum Studies and Museum Study Collections, Management and Conservation.

She is writing her thesis on Stylistic Variations in Mortuary Vessels from Upper and Middle Nodena. Vessels include bowls, jars, bottles etc. Some are in the shape of humans and animals. This work is being done in Eastern Arkansas, studying the Mississippian Culture. Comparisons are based on stylistic variation and decorative motifs. She is collecting data from two sites, trying to compare and contrast the two sites using the data collected. The late Mississippian period is approximately 1350-1500 A.D. This is just another area of anthropology that is being studies and pursued. It is fascinating that with just the team In Wales there are seven different fields of study in anthropology/archaeology.

We will hear from a few more people as we close out the trip in the next week.

John, Maria, Wes, and Victoria for yet another picture for me with Razorback in the background.

Maria is working with John and Julie at TEL 026

Maria and Julie are looking over the situation at the TEL 079 N trench at the mound.

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