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26 July, 2002

We have spent yesterday and today closing up all loose ends. Everything is packed up and ready to send on. All of us have to finish our journals for Roger. This is one of the most important aspects of the excavation. Our observations, finds, measurements, and ideas will hopefully help Roger piece this all together.

Jill interviewed Pete Sereadlook for the last interview. This went very well. I have to say one thing about the students from Butterfield School (Jill, Chris, Julia, and Olive). They have worked very hard on these interviews. I am looking forward to working with them on the writ-ups and presentation in the fall. This adds to the learning experience for all of us.

All of us want to take a last hike before we leave. Teresa and Margie will be staying and traveling with Roger to Tin City for the month of August. Hopefully that will be a successful excavation. I hope they can dig it!

The gang: Roger, Jim, Teresa, Amy, and Margie. This was a sad day for me when I left Wales. It is a wonderful village. My experience in Wales is very special. I hope to return again some day.

Ah Yes, Walrus skulls! I really liked finding them, examining them, placing them for a picture!

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