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3 July, 2001

Paglagivsigin We welcome you Inupiaq

I feel like I have been driven over by a umiak, and we only worked half of a day. It was raining very heavy today with very high winds. It was too stormy to go out to the mounds. We sorted our categorized our findings from the past few days. They are put into lithic (stone), faunal (bone), ceramic, and artifact. We then had our journals turned in to Roger for review. He suggested I should be more specific w and to mention measurements and kind of soil we went through such as sandy, wet, boggy etc. The weather cleared and we a had a great rainbow. It became sunny, very windy, and very cold. We went out to the inlet to screen the rst of the bags. We worked in two groups of three. One person labeled while the other two screened. Some of the material was very wet, other material very hard to break up. We found some lithic, ceramic, some artifacts, and a great deal of bone. Amy and John found two terrific arrowheads yesterday. We worked all afternoon and then went over to TEL 026, Beach Ridge. We cleaned and troweled the next layer. We could only go so far before we reached permafrost. By 5:00 P.M. I was really tired. After another creative meal, I took a walk on the beach. We came with food for seven people for the month of July. Most of it is canned and frozen. We ate the fresh pretty quickly. It is amazing how creative the meals are getting. The pressure is great to think up a gourmet delight when it is my turn. It was raining and foggy. When clear you can see Diomede and beyond the island, Siberia. Between Little Diomede and Big Diomede you are actually looking across the International dateline. For example, today it is Tuesday, it is Monday 35 miles away. This is a wild concept. I am now able to go over to the IRA Office to use the computer. Hopefully I can load my digital pictures in the next day or two to show some of my expedition.

You can not have a better start to a day, by being greeted with a rainbow!

John is doing the sorting. Sorting at the end of the day is a must!!! I only made a few mistakes, ask Julie.

A brief meeting on the steps and in front of the Dome. Left to right are Marfie, John, Roger, Amy, and Julie. The Bering Sea is in the background, our back yard.

Here is why it is important to sort the bags correctly.

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