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3 July, 2002

It was a grand day. It was dry today and by the afternoon the skies were blue. I helped put in posts at tel. 079 South trench and tel. 026 Northeast trench. I was working with Amy Victoria Ongtowasruk, and Danitra Oxereok. We had the luck with us today, the measurement went well. It is necessary to have exact measurements. Archaeology is a science and the data has to be put in the correct units in order to map it later. In the afternoon we sharpened our trowels and began clearing away the sod. One must have a sharp trowel or else! After we cleared, we began excavations. We worked in teams of two in the first units. We are determining the first level and where it turns into level two. It was very exciting to be back in the saddle again with excavating. And it was even more exciting to find our first specimens. Today we found faunal (bone), lithic, and some ceramic. Maybe tomorrow we will find our first artifacts.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. We have been invited to a celebration and barbecue in the late afternoon. I think they will be shooting into the Bering Sea tonight at midnight. It is 10:00 P.M. right now and it is sunny as midday in Massachusetts.

We saw a helicopter leaving from Wales today to bring supplies over to Little Diomede.

Adios for today!

Here is why it is important to sort the bags correctly.

Amy and Tammie are pictured here proveniencing a find. It was important to work together.

Roger need to survey the situation. Roger came over a few times a day to look at what level we were looking at, to answer any questions, and to see how we were doing.

Roger and Amy are seen here observing.

Here is a side view of tel 079, level one.

We worked in our home (the Dome), after excavating all day. Amy Tomson and Teresa Brown are either discussing a sample, or what we will have for dinner.

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