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5 July, 2001

This was my first full day of excavation. I worked at TEL 079 North Trench. The area is set up in square meters. Each quadrant is divided up and it is important to label each area, when an object is found. I worked in S1E4 (South 1, East 4). There were two walrus skull in the quadrant. You have to note what is in the area as you excavate. We had to map it our on graph paper. When something such as an artifact is found we have to measure exactly where it is in the quadrant? I worked all morning in this quadrant.

In the afternoon I worked in another area. I will have to finish this quadrant tomorrow (S1W1South 1West 1).

Today's weather was very cold and windy. When we came out in the morning the wind was coming in from the north. I am not sure of the temperature or the wind, but it was very cold. Roger told me he was once in Wales in the winter and there was a wind chill of 90F. I did not mind the cold that much because it was not raining like the day before. It would be interesting to learn about the weather patterns of Wales, Alaska. Today is July 5, it felt like winter and there is still snow on the hills.

For supper we had chicken in a can. A whole chicken was in the can; I had never seen such a thing before. But tonight was Chef Maria's turn and she turned out a remarkable chicken paprika.

Tonight I am working on my paper work. It is 10:00 and it is sunny out. Paper work comes first though before a walk. There is a tremendous amount of recording in archaeology. You have to write up cards or labels as you work on each quad during the day. The data is then recorded on another paper. It will then be catalogued at a later date. We have to keep many of the findings in an open plastic bag to dry out. These items have been buried for over 700 years. They change immediately when exposed to the air. The ivory changes color, the wood breaks up very easily. Some have to be put in the soil we found them in to preserve them. My main goal as of today is to improve on my paper work. I would like to have a goal a day. If this is possible I will learn a great deal by the end of excavations.

Well, got to go, next writing will be on Monday. I will also catch up on all of my digital images so you can see this experience as well as read about it. Thanks, keep reading, Ethan

Another view of Diomede and Siberia and the Bering Sea

Roger and I hiked to the top of razorback. Roger hiked, I climbed on all fours. The village of Wales is in the distance.

From the top of Razorback Mountain: the landing strip at the airport, Bering Sea in the distance with Diomede and Siberia at the right.

It is very important to check our measurements and levels during excavation.

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