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7 August, 2000

Our first journal entry!! We begin our journey to parts unknown. Our orientation has been very exciting meeting new people, meeting new TEA's. Where we go we do not know, but we are all here to begin an adventure of a lifetime. It has been exciting hearing the experiences of former TEA's. Let the Adventure begin.

Entry One Ahhh!!! My first journal entry! Today was a very exciting day, meeting everyone and beginning to learn what our roles and responsibilities will be. We are called TEA’s (teachers experiencing the Arctic or Antarctic). I will be going to the Arctic region. This could be an assignment to Greenland, Alaska, Russia, or even on an icebreaker doing research. A great deal of a TEA responsibility will be to “spread the word” of polar research. I think it will be great to talk to colleagues about this once in a lifetime experience. I feel fortunate to be associated with a supportive school system, and with TERC (a regional alliance of science, math, and technology).

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