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13 July, 2003

I’m Sieving in the Rain…Just Sieving in the Rain!

Today in Kotzebue
Rain, rain and more rain! We do need to wear our full rain gear every time we sieve but it was exceptionally cold and rainy.

What Science Is Happening?
Just like firefighters, we wait for the bell, in our case the phone. As soon as the “call” comes, we jump into our rain gear and run to the lab to sieve mud. Will, Steve and Max went out on the boat and did some mud grabs. Melinda, Kate and I sieved and sorted mud.

Classroom Connections:
Below there are pictures of buildings in Kotzebue. Tell me what you notice about the buildings here, that is different than the buildings where you live.


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1. Picture 1 - observe carefully

Picture 2

Melinda Reynolds photographing a maya clam sample

One of the bigger clams recovered.

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