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10 August, 2002

Passing My Experience to Others

Today at CRREL

It is another gorgeous day at the Cold Regions Research and Engineering

Laboratory on the New Hampshire/Vermont border. We 12 pre-field experience TEAs have been learning what it takes to be a polar field researcher for the last six days.

What we are doing

Today we examined how to transfer our field experience to others. Each

TEA will form a collaborative group with at least three other teachers and work on implementing inquiry-based learning, not only about polar regions, but about science in general, in classrooms and curriculums around the country.

Classroom Connection

We looked at many inquiry-based web sites where students can research answers to their burning questions. One good one that was recounted was The American Museum of Natural History; they have been taking pictures of their vast collections and they are available for public view, along with the research notes, some of which date back 100 years.


We have had a very busy week and most of our heads are spinning wit the immense task before us. We are getting ready to leave for home but we have made a special bond here. I came here with 11 other TEAs and I’m leaving here with 11 good friends.

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