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14 March, 2002


Sunny, High 28, Low -8

The Science Behind Density

As explained before, there are four sections used to

collect snow samples from Jalpertia pond. Heat flow is

a function of thermal conductivity and temperature

gradient. In order to find thermal conductivity, we

need to calculate snow density. We will discuss

temperature gradient later.

Below are mean (average) density values from Jalpertia

pond-notice the slight fluctuation.

Mean density

3/5/02 = .1567203

3/7/02 = .1480379

3/9/02 = .1649073

3/12/02 = .1729894

3/14/02 = .1692460

Temperatures are expected to increase within the next

few days, which may impact the snow cover. What is

your prediction for March 16th?

So, What Do You Think?

Ice break up times on the Tanana River near Fairbanks

have been documented since 1917. Which week do you

think ice will break up this year?


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