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16 March, 2002


Partly Cloudy, High 38, Low 14

Temperatures are rising drastically!

Data Calculations

Recall your predications for todayís snow density at

Jalpertia pond.

3/16/02 = .1694645 g/cm3

And Now the Science Behind Thermal Conductivity

Thermal conductivity is the function of density, which

has the ability to insulate and conduct through a

unit area. The higher thermal conductivity, the

higher snow density and heat flow. Using the wet

sleeping bag analogy (same as dense snow), this is an

example of high thermal conductivity and an indication

of heat loss.

April Cheuvront (8th grade science teacher from North

Carolina) has returned to Alaska after 2 visits to

Fairbanks and Council. Also a TEA teacher, she is here

for the real thing. Her Principal Investigator (PI),

Matthew Sturm and their team will be traversing from

Nome to Barrow on snow machines carrying almost 6

weeks worth of food and equipment. She flies out to

begin her adventures on March 20th.

Click here for her journals and photos.

href=../tea_cheuvrontfrontpage.html> ../tea_cheuvrontfrontpage.html

Marge Porter, a TEA teacher from Connecticut has

returned to Alaska once again. This week, she and two

other TEA mentoring experts will present to teachers

in Martinís snow and ice course. Marge, who also

studied lake ice at Poker Flat a couple of years ago,

studied sea ice in Antarctica with Dr. Martin

Jeffries. Click here to read her Antarctica and Arctic



Antarctica journals

Arctic journals

So, What Do You Think?

Why is dog sledding called dog mushing?


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1. April (middle) and Marge (right)

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