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17 March, 2002


Partly Cloudy, High 36, Low 7

What Did I Do On My Winter Vacation?

The third day of the annual Open North American

Championship Sled Dog Race took place downtown

Fairbanks on the frozen Chena River. Over 20 teams

from the lower 48 (mainland), Europe, Canada and

Alaska, took part in this 8 to14-dog race traveling a

total of 60 miles in three days. Click here for

results and photos. http://sleddog.org

And here for general information on Dog Mushing.


So, What Do You Think?

How does permafrost affect Alaska’s rich ecosystem?


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1. Fur Auction

2. Going once, going twice, SOLD!

3. Team 1 trot along the Chena River before the starting line.

4. Lead dogs ready to begin the 3rd day of the Open North American Championship.

5. Getting ready for the final race.

6. Officials getting the dogs all ready.

7. Dog musher all suited up and ready for the release.

8. Ready, Set, Go!

9. Thirty miles before the finish line.

10. Back to the Ice Art park.

11. Women's team project: "Leap of Faith"

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