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29 March, 2002


High 10

Low -16

Feels like January again

The weather forecast convinced me to bring extra layers of clothing. My nose and cheeks took it pretty hard with sudden temperature changes from very little wind.

The Science Behind Temperature Gradient

A few weeks ago, I explained snow density, which is used to calculate thermal conductivity. Thermal conductivity is one of two parts of the conductive heat flow equation. The second part is temperaturegradient.

Temperature gradient is the difference between surface temperature (Ts) and base temperature (Tb) divided by the snow depth (Zs).

Let's say surface temperature is -10 Celsius, base temperature is -2 Celsius and snow depth is .20 meters. Using this equation, Ts - Tb / Zs, final results will be 40 C/m.

See tomorrow for practice problems.

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