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8 March, 2002

Mr. Reihl's 8th grade class field trip

Aurora pond, just outside of UAF in Fairbanks is used for lake ice demonstrations for both teachers and students. Mr. Reihl is a middle school science teacher and works closely with Dr. Jeffries (Martin)

in creating a professional development program for teachers. They are currently teaching the snow and ice course on Mondays. Mr. Reihl brought his 8th grade physical science students to Aurora pond today. There were four stations (ice thickness/coring, snow temperature and depth, hot wire gauge, and snow density) set up for small groups.

Each group had 15 minutes before moving onto the next station. Prior to this field trip, students practiced data collection procedures outside of their classroom. This was the real thing!

1. Station 2: Snow depth and temperatures

2. Snow probe demonstration

3. Ice coring

4. Piece of congelation ice (black ice)

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