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7 March, 2002

Another Sundog! Before entering the doors of the Geophysical Institute yesterday morning, I turned around to find transparent, rainbow-like colored arcs circling around the sun. Sunlight as bright as the glowing reaction of magnesium and heat, I was unable to take any photos. With squinted eyes, I managed to observe these beautiful halos. In my January 24th journal entry, I provided a brief explanation and several links to Parhelias, also known as Sundogs or Halos. This morning, Martin gave me a website with photos that appeared on the Alaska weather homepage. Click here to see photos. http://climate.gi.alaska.edu/brian/sundog.html

1. Geophysical Institute

2. Martin on Transect A (Jalpertia Pond).

3. Martin with snow probes on Transect A.

4. Snow tube used to collect snow samples.

5. Probe used to measure snow depth (Zs).

6. Four quadrants (P1, P2, P3, P4) used for snow samples.

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