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13 April, 2002

Weather: Cloudy, Flurries
High 31
Low 15

Poker Flat with Teachers

On Monday nights, Martin and two other instructors teach snow and ice class for elementary to high school teachers interested in bringing snow and ice studies into their classroom. As part of the course requirement, Martin encourages 2 to 3 field experiences at Poker

Flat. Because teachers work during the week, they only have Saturdays available. With us today, we had 6 teachers and one of their two kids.

1. Teachers prepare for snow depth and base temperature measurements.

2. On transect A, teachers line up reporting their measurements to research assistant, Craig.

3. While some worked on snow depth and base temperature measurements, others worked on snow density. This student (next to me) won the science fair for her project on lake ice with Martin. Congratulations!

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