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21 April, 2002


Cloudy, Afternoon flurries, High 32, Low 15

What Did I Do on My Spring Vacation?

Today was my last “vacation day” in Fairbanks. To

visit areas outside of Fairbanks, people are

encouraged to use 4 x 4 vehicles due to gravel roads

approximately 80 miles outside of town. Last night, I

drove an hour east to visit Chena Hot Springs for one

last time and today, I went an hour south to visit the

Ice Classic in Nenana on the Tanana River. Driving

home from both areas, the downpour of thick snow

brought back memories of my road trips home from

college during winter vacations.


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1. Approximately 15 feet tall on the frozen Tanana River

2. Tower with attached cable and clock - when the ice breaks, the tripod will fall pulling the cable. The cable will stop the clock and alarm the siren.

3. Notice the bare ice on the edges - looks like the tripod will go down any day now.

4. Chena Hot Springs at 10 pm

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