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22 April, 2002


Cloudy, Very windy, High 28, Low 10

Marges snow and ice competition continues!

Marge Porter, a TEA teacher who worked with Dr.

Jeffries did an ice thickness competition through her

journals. Since we have less than a week left, ice

thickness prediction contest is not possible. Instead,

Id like to do heat flux calculations. With raw data

provided below, calculate snow density, thermal

conductivity, temperature gradient, and conductive

heat flux, and provide all of their units. The first

person that e-mails me the correct answers by Thursday

will receive a Poker Flat t-shirt. In your e-mail,

please include your t-shirt size as well.

For assistance, review the following


Snow density

Thermal conductivity

Temperature gradient

Conductive heat flux

Conductive heat flux, cont.


Find snow density, thermal

conductivity, temperature gradient, conductive heat

flux and their units.


82.6 grams

Snow depth (for density)

15.0 cm

Surface temperature

-5.3 C

Base temperature

-1.5 C

Snow depth

0.16 meters


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