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26 April, 2002


Cloudy, Morning flurries, High 43, Low 33

Conductive Heat Flux

On Monday, April 22nd, I posted a contest (an

extension to Marge Porter’s ice thickness competition)

and the calculation results are:

Snow density: 0.25362425 g/cm3

Thermal conductivity: 0.08980 W/m/K

Temperature gradient: -23.7500 ‘C/m

Conductive heat flux: -2.13282 W/m2

This morning, I woke up to find everything covered in

snow! In addition to harsh winds and more snow, Dr.

Jeffries decided driving on unplowed roads to Poker

Flat would not be a wise decision. Instead, I spent

the day catching up on data work at the Geophysical

Institute and preparing for my last field day



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