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19 September, 2002

Today, I am setting the normal journal page aside to write a short entry in which I can pass on some news and my congratulations to a friend. Today my friend, Dr. Valerie Bennett became engaged to be married.

About ten days ago, Val's soon to be fiance, Tom Rehn, emailed me through my journal to say that he wanted to come to Alaska to propose to Val. He bought a ticket and arrived in Fairbanks today. For the last week, everyone else on the research team except Val has known of his arrival and has kept the secret. Today with his surprise arrival he presented a ring and a proposal. Val has happily accepted.

Today is their day, so with the hope that their union be as happy as my own has been and with my sincerest wishes for a wonderful future I say,

Congratulations to Valerie Bennett and Tom Rehn.

The proposal

The happy couple

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