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25 December, 2002

Merry Christmas!

Kudos to the group who wrote, produced and acted in McMurdo's own Christmas Carol! Jaime Yelvington and Zac Willette are obviously talented and creative writers. The lines were hilarious and the costumes ingenious. We loved the penguin as the ghost of Christmas past, the polar bear as the ghost of Christmas present, and the ECW gear-clad ghost of Christmas future. It was a welcome diversion for people who are far from home and a little lonely for family traditions. Thanks!

Tonight I re-packed for the fourth time since leaving home! We have our bag drag very early tomorrow morning. We take our bags to the helo pad to be weighed and packed, and the plan is to leave at 11:30 AM for the Dry Valleys. We're crossing our fingers that the weather will cooperate this time. I'm hoping to get some exciting pictures during the ride.

1. A penguin shows Scrooge the Christmas of his past.

2. The polar bear represented the ghost of Christmas present.

3. ECW gear makes a kind of scary costume when the person does not speak and can not be seen. It made for an effective and dire Ghost of Christmas future.

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