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Thank you for your interest in the TEA Program. There are currently no opportunities for teachers to parcticipate in polar research experiences via the TEA Program. Teachers interested in parcticipating in scientific research may contact the University of Rhode Island Office of Marine Programs via armada@gso.uri.edu, home to the ARMADA Project. The ARMADA Project is a mentoring and research experience program for K-12 teachers. It places teachers in research projects all over the world, including the polar regions. For information and application materials please visit http://www.armadaproject.org.

The following links are to projects that may be of interest to teachers seeking research experience opportunities:

The ARMADA Project http://www.armadaproject.com
The REVEL Project http://www.ocean.washington.edu/outreach/revel/
TREC http://www.arcus.org/trec/phpbb/portal.php
NOAA Teacher at Sea http://www.tas.noaa.gov/
ALISON (Alaska teacher only) http://www.gi.alaska.edu/alison/index.html

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