20 November, 1997

Hi Everyone,

An easy day today. I needed it. Just a day to catch up on various things. Kathy and I prepared the lab for field departure. This means going through the inventory of things to take and making certain that everything is in the box. The truck came to take our science gear to the storage shed and then on the the helocopter pad in the morning. I still have to pack up my extreme weather gear and my personal things and get ready. Should leave early. This will be my first Helo trip and I'm excited. Trip will take a little over an hour. Hope that I don't get air sick. A couple of science talks this evening and I hope to attend at least one. Since it was an easy day, I thought about hiking up observation hill but thought a little better of it. I did not want to be any stiffer than I already am. I'll wait until I return and possibly will be a little tougher. Not sure how the e-mail will work in the field but we will all find out together. All for now. I'm doing fine. See ya

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