21 November, 1997

Hi everyone

My luck is holding. Awoke this morning to an absolutely beautiaful day. The Anticrtica

city council whould really be prowd. It was in the low 30's, absolutely clear and more important no wind. Grabbed the packs and headed down to the Heolcopter pad. Lifted off at 8:30 and got here to the Dry Valleys at 9:20. The piolet was great, took a couple of short side trips to really show me the glaciers. What a place this is. Just spectular. I would like to tell you how rough I have it but I stayed in a motel last summer that was not as nice. Excellent lab facilities,a good eating and communication shed. The communication program is slow and I can not correct myself so pardon the typ[ing errors. There are 3, 4x8 solar pallels and a big generator for electricity but one thing is missijng, NO WATER. Now you know why they call this place the Dry Valley. My first task after getting settled was to collect "Ice Berries". We simply walked to the glacier and chipped of chunks to melt for water. There werre 12 people in camp tonight. Imagine now water in the kitchen or bathroom. This is just like grand ma had to use. Just getting settled in and the one computer is getting a lot of use. Its getting late and I'm headint to the tent. Things are fine, I'm OK. See ya Paul D. Jones

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