24 November, 1997

Hi Everyone,

One of those detail doing catch-up days that no one likes but you need now and then. Woke up to a raw, dreary, mid-20's, blustry day. Just like February in Iowa. We reported in and checked to see if the weather was to bad for the Helo's to toke us from the small Lake Bonnie camp to the bigger Lake Hoare camp. The Captain said he could make it and would pick us up at 10:30. Breaking camp, packing all your personal and science gear is not easy. Heard the sound of the motors and raced for the pad. The 20 minute ride was smooth and easy. Now for the task of umpacking your gear - setting up your science stuff in a new lab - hopefully finding a spare tent to sleep in. Keith was excited, today was his weekly shower day. He hit the little cabana and turned up the heat, used the sun shower bag, shaved for the week and looked presentable again. I have three days to go before my weekly shower but I should be back to McMurdo three days from now so I will probably miss my field shower experience. With the day so cold, there is little melt water and there was only one stream close enough for me to collect from. As I headed out, I told the camp that I was going for a hike on my way back. My bunny boots weigh 7.7 lb., I had my Extreme Weather Gear, camera, fanny pouch with first aid equipment, radio, back pack with science supplies. Once again I made it a long way up the valley. To my Montezuma training team of Sally A.- Nancy B.- Penny S. - Nurse R., you should have pushed me harder each morning. My legs and shoulders are exhausted but I'm doing beter. Hope that the streams are flowing more tomorrow. I'm OK, doing fine. See ya

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