23 November, 1997

Hi Everyone,

Had my first little accident today - Don't get excited, nothing serious, I'm fine, but it could have been trouble. The day started quiet and smooth, nice sunny morning, mid 20's, no wind. After breaking camp we loaded up the 6-wheeler and headed out to our sampling streams. Kathy had her equipment and I was going to help Keith, a member of the U.S. Geological Survey do his work. Things were going fine, traveled across the lake and sampled several streams, one a real beast to get to. You Monte people would have prowd of me, I made it and got the sample. After a lunch break of a turkey sandwich and candy bar we headed the 6-wheeler into the strengthing wind for a nearly one hour ride over the rough lake ice to another sampling spot. I was trying to get a sample from the 10 foot wide 1 inch deep stream. As I walked out into the little delta, the frozen sand gave way and I went to my knee into the stuff. Luckly I did not lose my balance and fall face down but water went into my boot and I had a wet foot. It was really not that bad, those "bunny" boots are excellent insulators but Kathy, the group leader, decided I had better return to camp. I changed pants and sox and put my boots out to dry. Nothing serious, but if I had fallen down, big time trouble. This time I only got my feet washed, which I needed anyway. All for now, I'm OK, doing fine with clean feet. See ya

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