10 December, 1997

Hi Everyone,

Another tough, hard working, cold day here in the dry valleys. Awoke to a bright sun, cold (low 20's)again, windy day. Keith caught an early helo and left to work with another group in another valley. I'm really not sure where. Lee and his partner Pete, left to work on their project, and I'm really not sure what they do. It is some work for Pete's MA degree. I was by myself with nothing to do because the streams are frozen like a rock. I really did not want to sit in a 10 x10 foot hut all day reading and I had hiked about all I wanted to do. I radio'ed Camella and her partner (the other Keith) and asked if I could help them across the lake. They said that they could use me and would bring the ATV right over and pick me up. They were drilling 10" holes in the lake ice and could really use my assistance. We worked hard all day drilling six holes through the ice. This may not sound like much except that the thinnest ice was 17 feet thick. Working on lake ice in a wind at 20 degrees with wet equipment is not the greatest. Now I know why they readly accepted my offer to help them. As soon as we drilled through the ice we had to disassemble the ice augars. Each section was 1 meter long and we needed 6 sections to get through. Made it with cold, wet, hands before the day was done. Camella and the other Keith are doing some bottom sediment sampling and they will do that tomorrow. It was hard work but I enjoyed it. It is nice to help people who appreciate your extry efforts. Camella and the other Keith fixed me an excellent supper and ATV'd me across the lake to my tent. I'll sleep well. I'm OK and doing fine.

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