9 December, 1997

Hi Everyone,

Tough hard day today, I hate to keep commenting on the weather but boy it sure has not improved much. At least sunshine today but cold, low twenties, and lots of wind sure make it hard to work productively. The day started early with a 6:00 AM breakfast with Lisa the Mcmurdo computer person I work with. We were ready for the 7:00 AM Cee-u-Cee me session. Don't know why the connection was poor. We could only use the keyboard, the video and audio did not connect. Probably try again one more time. Was in the Helo at 8:10 for the flight to Lake Hoare, landed, picked up Keith and we went to the Lake Fryxell camp. We should probably stay in this area for the rest of the week or close to it. I have been helping Keith do his tasks. There has just been no melt water for me to collect at all. It will be at least 10 degrees F. tonight but at least the wind has stopped for the moment. Several others from across the lake came to join us for supper. Six of us ate supper in this very small hut. Pretty crowded but you make do. At least we warmed the place up. Keith is an excellent camp cook and that is probably why the others chose to join us. I'm still best at the clean up. Not much new or exciting, the only excitement was that with the new snow, the ice is much smoother and Keith drove the snowmobile a little faster. Flipped me out of the sled twice. No harm done, I just rolled and hollered SLOW DOWM. We have pretty much settled in to a routein working day. Heading for the tent and sleeping bag. I'm still OK an doing fine. See ya

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