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18 July, 2003

For the first time on our voyage, we have encountered heavy seas, or at least I thought that the Palmer was rolling pretty well. The ship had just left the protective cover of the ice a little before noon as we were heading south toward the shore. Then the wind picked-up to 35 knots or more making the next few hours rather uncomfortable for me.

As a result, I had my first opportunity to feed the fish; however, while outside, I got to enjoy some breathtaking scenery. The high winds and the large waves crashing against the icebergs and the occasional seabird that raced by all helped me to forget my temporary distress. Of course, science continued on, and I'm proud to say that I didn't miss a cast, although I could have contributed my own "nutrient" sample a couple of times.

A windy day on the open sea.

Calmer seas later in the day.

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