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8 August, 2000

ECW Gear

This afternoon, former TEA's, teachers who went to Antarctica last year, showed us the various gear that we would be issued while we are in Antarctica. Just seeing the gear filled me with excitement. It made this Antarctica experience so real. The parkas, boots, hats and gloves helped me to realize that maybe I wouldn't be as cold as I previously feared. Safety is constantly being stressed. This is a comfort, but it is also a reminder that I must take responsibility for my own safety. Many questions were answered today as to the gear and clothes that I would need to take.

I also found out that what I will need will be determined by the research, as well as the site of my study. If I go to a dry area, I will benefit from one type of boots, while a wet area would need a different type of boot. The TEA's seemed to agree that the hat with the ear flaps were invaluable in the field. They also suggested that we have several pairs of glove liners. I also found out that each station is different. The lodging, access to mail and supplies, or computer access may vary dependent on our location. When I find out who my research leader is, I will know more about where I will be, as well as the length of our research project. I'm so excited about going to Antarctica. I know I will learn a great deal. I want to learn it all, so I feel that maybe it is best that my research is chosen for me. I haven't made it to Antarctica yet, but I know without any doubt that this will be an experience that will change my life. My goal is to help others to learn from my experiences and in the process find the excitement inside themselves to love learning as much as I do.

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