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3 November, 2000

FYI answer for 11/02/00

McMurdo Station is a United States base, but anyone who will go to the South Pole or other field sites comes through here first.

There are people from all over the world who work as researchers, cooks, machine operators, plumbers, computer experts, doctors, firemen and mail persons, just to name a few. All of us must make this station run like a city.

There is always the danger of going out somewhere and being lost or a storm rolling in quickly, leaving no time to get back to safety. That is why the USAP has Field Safety Training. We all should know our classroom or lab room prevention tips and what to do if there is an accident. We practice fire drills, earthquake or tornado drills. Today I will be leaving for two days for snow storm survival drills. All I do know at this point is that I must come dressed in a set of my ECW clothing and bring all the rest of it. I should bring along some snacks and be prepared for a cold winter's night.

This training has been called 'Happy Camper' School. There will be fifteen of us and two instructors. The purpose is to go throught the ways to protect yourself in the event that you are caught in a storm away from base. The weather is partly cloudy as I get ready to leave this morning. Even if we have beautiful weather, we will still pretend that it is not.


Antarctica is the coldest _________ in world. It only snows about _______ cm per year.

Science and Survival take teamwork

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