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22 October, 2003

Ozone Loss

Today was a slow day, I caught up on things. Including laundry and cleaning. Almost everything is free here. The soap for the laundry, food, lodging, gas, everything you need to live. There is a store for some of the extras people want, but really that is just luxury.

I recieved a wonderful care package from my school back home. Thanks! See you next week, I am almost finished here.

Today I attach a few graphs of the data we have collected. You can see that ozone levels dropped to near zero around September 29. Those levels will pick up shortly as the polar vortex breaks down and the mid latitude air mixes in.

We are scheduled for the helicopter tomorrow morning but the snow is blowing hard now. We will see.

Ozone levels at the end of July.

Ozone levels at the end of September. Note the sharp decrease between 12 to 20 km. Our balloons make this critical measurement, showing how ozone changes with altitude, satellites cannot do this.

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