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8 October, 2003

Antarctic Dinosaurs

The helicopter ride was called off because of early morning fog along the ice shelf. We have rescheduled for tomorrow.

I wandered down the halls in the science lab and found a poster of dinosaurs. Back in 1991 scientists working near the Beardmore Glacier discovered fossilized dinosaur bones. It had been thought that dinosaurs existed on all continents except Antarctica. But this is not true. In addition to this discovery many others fossils have been found, one on an island off here in 1986. Since I am not an expert at all on this I encourage you to go to this website and read about it.


The helicopter waiting room. It is very organized, you get a helmet that fits, then weigh yourself. The helicopter can only lift so much weight. The flight was cancelled because of the fog over the ice shelf.

A picture of a Cryolophosaurus hanging in the science hall in the building I work from. This one is called Elvis I think, because of the hair. Go to the website and learn more.

A real picture from the field where the Dinosaur bone was discovered. The Beardmore Glacier is about 400 miles away from here. This continent is huge, and largely unexplored, just think of the fossils that remain to be found!

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