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6 January, 2001

When the flight that takes you from Christchurch to Antarctica is rescheduled, you have to find something to occupy your time. This is not hard to do in a place like Chirstchurch, New Zealand. It is summer down here and and people are out and about. So with this journal entry, I thought I would share Chirstchurch with you.

Christchurch has a population of about 308,200. It is often described as the most English of all New Zealand's cities. The people are very friendly and quick with a joke. For that last 24 hrs, I have been trying to figure out why this city is very different than most US cities. Unhurried, and relaxed are the words that I finally came up with to describe Christchurch.

So relax and enjoy....no worries

Restored green and cream trams, trams first appeared in Christchurch in 1905, operate daily within the 2.5km innner city loop.

Robert Falcon Scott. This statue was sculpted by Kathleen Scott (1917), widow of Captain Scott. This is for you Gene.

washable art

Located within the inner city loop is the Christchurch Botanical Gardens.

View from Catherdral Square

Freedom Arch

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