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7 January, 2001

The flight inside one of the worlds largest utility vehicles, the C130, is a unique experience. The interior of the aircraft is spartan and could be rearranged, it appears within minutes, by two individuals with adjustable wrenches. Not much conversation takes place during the eight hour flight due to the fact that the interior is so loud everyone uses ear plugs. The other activity on this flight is to eat your lunch within the first hour of the flight, not that you are hungry just bored. The highlight of the lunch was the mini Mars chocolate bars.

Boarding this aircraft I left subtropical weather and color, the next time the doors opened an eye squinting bright white world greeted me. It is impossible to capture the feelings I had upon arrival. Almost comparable to trying to explain to a nonsnowrider the feeling of powder turns in fresh snow at your favorite mountain...euphoric. Something that can not be translated into words, an should not be, just experienced. It is one of the unique experiences you share with those few individuals around the world who have made the journey to Antarctica

Enjoying the ride!

First view of Antarctica

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