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20 May, 2003

The last entry for this journey

With nearly everything settled and put away, either ready to be used by someone else or ready to be sent back to the states, we are able to help a few of the logistic people that made our trip successful. Kanger is one of the hubs for scientific research and as one team such as ourselves is leaving a new group will be arriving. The three people at VECO Polar resources that we called each morning to check for weather and any needed communication were Robin Abbott, Ed and Toby. Their jobs included loading logistics such as weights that were able to go on the planes, time tables, weather communications as well as loading, fixing, replacing any gear that may be needed.

A support program such as VECO Polar Resources can often be over looked but without them the success of any scientific research program would be virtually impossible. It is just another example of how to get involved in scientific research. There is a need for scientists, pilots, logistic planning, assistants, mechanics, etc… There is a need for everyone.

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