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26 November, 2001

I think I will stop including breakfast in the journal unless something unusual is served. Just remember, Breakfast choices are always the same: an assortment of cereals with raisins, bran and brown sugar for toppings; eggs, some kind of meat, oatmeal, grits(every other day) pancakes, omelettes made to order, toast, some type of sweet bread, a wide assortment of juices, coffee, or tea.

Lunch menu always includes sandwiches to order, a salad bar, hot vegetables, some kind of potatoe or other starch. the hot entree also changes daily. The choices today were pizza or fried chicken. We were still eating leftover thanksgiving desserts.

The dinner menu tonight included Thai curry, a country casserole (which was some sort of rice dish covered with cheese), and sesame pork. The salad bar still had the fresh vegetables. We finally ran out of leftover thanksgiving desserts. The new ones were a chocolate fudge brownie with chocolate syrup, and fruit cobbler. The ice cream/yogurt machines are always there.

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