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11 November, 1999

The departure day has finally come. We are all so excited and hope the plane will take off. The check in time was delayed twice this morning, but we remained hopeful. Finally the word came to put on our clothes and move to the check out area. Since the weather in the Antarctic is so unpredictable it is possible to fly more than half way to the ice and then be turned back. On this day we are lucky. We board the plane at 3:00pm New Zealand time and after 5 hours land at McMurdo base Antarctica. The plane is hardly first class conditions by many standards, but spirits are high and everyone is full of anticipation for the adventures ahead of us. I am lucky and am offered a chance to ride in the cockpit for a while and take some great photos. The first impression of this vast land is the single color WHITE.

A little bit cozy, and very cold. The cargo is food, equipment and supplies for the researchers. Note we are wearing our heavy gear. The plane is not heated.

I am lucky to get a ride in the cockpit and take some great photos

A small island surrounded by sea ice. Note the ice bergs stuck in the ice waiting for the spring thaw.

Fantastic views of the Antarctic coastline.

Some sea ice experiencing spring thaw. Looked hard for some seals but couldn't find any.

Our destination, Ross Island. McMurdo station is located on the small peninsula on the right. The plane will land on the ice shelf which is about 7 ft thick.

The landing strip on the ice at McMurdo. Our plane is equiped with wheels and the landing is remarkably smooth.

A safe landing and a ride to McMurdo in the vehicle behind us. Notice the huge wheels. Now onto the work, the play, the adventure, the challenge, and the fun of being in Antarctica.

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