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5 December, 2001

Today has been an extremely busy day, so much so that I had to forget about sleeping. Jerry and I are working hard on completing everything before the arrival of Bai and Serap, the two scientists from Bartol Research Institute. I cannot wait for them to arrive because then the tank can be filled with water and my work will be completed. As a result of today's busy schedule, I am going to cut my journal entry short. I will compensate by including some random pictures taken while working at the South Pole.

Biological Data

Saturated Oxygen: 93%

Pulse Rate: 94

Weather Data

Temperature: -29.5 F

Wind Chill: -49.3 F

Neil, a regular at the pole, manning the radio in COMM center.

Mats standing next to a humorous sign next to the ice runway.

The footpath from the SPASE Shack to the dome.

A view of the dome from a section of the new station under construction.

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