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11 November, 1999

Playing with a full deck at Poker Flat?

On Saturday evening I will arrive in Fairbanks to begin the first leg of my three-part Arctic odyssey. (So much for flying south for the winter!) I will be working with Dr. Martin Jeffries a Research Associate Professor at the University of Alaska's Geophysical Institute seen in the campus photo below. Martin and research technician Kim Morris (mail1.@asf.alaska.edu) have already established transect lines across three lakes at the Poker Flat Research Range, thirty miles north of Fairbanks. We will be collecting data at these sites in order to determine the heat flux for each lake. This will involve taking measurements of snow thickness, snow density, snow temperature, and ice thickness. YES, you should DEFINITELY try this at home, kids!

Follow us north this winter and learn:

- why heat flux data are important to understanding global change

-how you can collect your own lake ice data

-the pattern of lake ice growth throughout the winter

-the structure of lake ice

-how the citizens of Nenana, Alaska "chill out"

and lots, lots more! Talk to you soon!!

The University of Alaska, Fairbanks

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