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27 September, 1994


Ice Team Meeting at 1100 hrs: Progress Report

We will be using the old "bouncing ball" data sheets (we ran out of new ones...see attached)

Be sure to ask the captain/mate to steer into the thick ice for more accurate snow/ice (bouncing ball) data!!

See hand drawn diagram for comments about location/destination:

We burned 11,000 gallons of fuel yesterday, and we cannot afford to continue at this rate...that's 1.5 X the daily average!

We should be able to get to the central portion of the Ross Sea, which is what Martin originally wanted to do!

See new ice obs. schedule

Using the gangway (rather than the net) for ice floe access has worked out quite well. It gives us greater flexibility.

Martin is generally pleased with how things are going...plenty of data.

Only 16 more days on the ice (max.)

We will look at data in three "tooths" of longitude (see diagram) in order to compare ice thickness (and also snow/ice thickness from Ricardo's data) on an east/west distribution. This will be an entirely new data set!

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