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8 November, 2000

One of the teachers that is working with me while I will be at the Pole found these sites that have very good information and lots of activities that can be used with grades 4-6. Ms. Michel is a sixth grade teacher at my son's school and has taken up the torch of finding all types of grade appropriate lessons for the upper elementary grade kids. My son in in First grade and his teacher, Ms. Kidder, is creating a notebook of activities and lessons for grades K-3. I will also add a great site that Steph Shipp sent to all the TEA's a couple of days ago. This site has great maps, images and links to other Antarctica related sites. R

http://www.educat ion-world.com/a_lesson/lesson042.shtml

http://astro.uchicago .edu/cara/southpole.edu/qanda/

http://astro.uchic ago.edu/cara/southpole.edu/labs.htm

http://astro.uchicago.edu/cara /vtour/pole


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