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16 November, 2000

I just got the call from the Raytheon travel office. Actually I got the call from Cindy "Killer" Hale a former Helena resident who worked at the No Sweat Cafe in the 80's. Cindy actually worked for my wife's best friend Jean Ann when she owned a fur business down on Last Chance Gulch too! Boy is the world small or what! Well, Cindy called to give me my travel Itinerary:

I leave Billings on the 27th at 4:28PM on Delta to Salt Lake.

Salt Lake to Los Angeles on Delta at 7:05PM .

Los Angeles to Auckland, NZ at 10:25PM on United.

Auckland to Christchurch, NZ at 9:45AM the 29th on United.

Somewhere in the middle of the Pacific I gain a day!! Once in Christchurch I will meet with Polar Services Personnel and get my flight schedule to McMurdo. I am scheduled to fit my ECW gear on the 30th and fly out to the Ice on the first of December with a scheduled arrival at South Pole on the 4th.

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