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29 November, 2001

Today, in New Zealand, we are met in the hotel

lobby by Alison Whittaker of the NSF (National Science Foundation) who will take Nancy, Matt,

and me to Hagley Community College. It is an "alternative" high school for not only New Zealand students, but for students from foreign countries

who pay high tuitions to attend.

The school science building is beautiful! It is done in grays, white, and black, and it is fully equipped with sinks, science equipment, storage, and

the latest in high tech computer hardware.

The students are 14-year-olds and appear to be very quiet, although very fashionable in appearance . . . dreadlocks, lip piercings, and the latest in

clothing styles. Our host teacher is Richard Barry from the UK. This is his fourth year teaching, and he has a great rapport with his students.

I begin with an introduction to TEA and how I became involved. Nancy follows with an overview of the ANSMET project, and Matt ends with a

great computer video show of meteorites, the Leonids, and a demo of the science involved in examinging the samples.

The day went very well. The students signed our Toyon poster and posed for a group picture. Richard was presented with an official "Toyon Tiger"

t-shirt. He put it on right away!

We spend the afternoon at the CDC (Clothing Distribution Center) trying on *all* of our ECW (extreme cold weather) gear. It's hot, but fun!

This is the ANSMET team posing with Alison Whitaker TEA's NSF contact in New Zealand. (Front row: Nancy Chabot, Juanita Ryan, Cari Corrigan, Maggie Taylor, Alison Whitaker. Second row: Matt Genge, Ralph Harvey, Duck Mittlefehldt.)

Ok, we're packed! When does the plane leave? (From left: Maggie Taylor, Cari Corrigan, Juanita Ryan)

Oh, my goodness! Don't you "love" this new underwear? (From right: Nancy, Maggie, Juanita)

Richard Barry's 10th grade class at Hagley Community College in Christchurch, New Zealand. Richard is wearing his Toyon Tiger t-shirt.

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