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7 December, 2003

It's Sunday and we still are on hold.

What else can go wrong? The NSF has arranged to get another "bird" out here so the science missions can fly once again but the weather has conspired against us. This is the second day that we have seen wind gusts to 36 kts. with sustained speeds of 22. Now that may not sound like a lot, heck, if we were home we would be sailing! Unfortunately the temperature is hovering around 18 degrees F. so the drifting snow and wind-chill makes walking from tent to tent a mini ordeal. Also, since we are asking the pilots to fly near the operational ceiling of the aircraft, everything must be optimum before we are given the OK to go.

To help keep camp moral up Tanya, the camp cook invited all the science folks over for a barbeque yesterday. The PI's took turns grilling the burgers and we all gathered in the galley (taking turns because we could not all fit inside) and had a nice afternoon talking and getting to know each other better. The burgers inspired Kevin Kruger, the technician working with us, to make a magnificent supper of halibut steaks and veggies so at least we are eating well.

We are now in a wait and see holding pattern. The helicopters are here and now all we need is for the winds to subside so we can get going on the science portion of the expedition. Every few minutes the winds die down and our hopes rise only to be dashed again by another series of gusts. Sooner or later this system has to blow itself out and when it does we will be ready.

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