1 February, 1999

Still here!

The snow that began last night was still falling this morning. It did not look good for flying at all. I could not see the mountains, or even some of the buildings in town.

Everyone was pessimistic at breakfast. The plane woould have to leave Christchurch around 8 am for our flight, so we all expected the 24 hour delay to be stamped on the manifest again by 8:30.

It is now 10 am and it is still on!!

The waiting is pretty wearing on people. We are all in a state of flux, waiting, staring at TV, books or computer screens. We nod and smile, exasperated.

They have added 20 more people to our flight so it is now full. We will be crowded.

This may be my last entry from Antarctica. I can't believe it!

I think the place has definitely gotten under my skin.

Love from MacTown



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