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21 November, 2001

This morning I met Alison Whitaker who took me to Hillmorton High School to meet David Leith, a teacher. We discussed ways in which he could incorporate my experience into his science classes. We also discussed the differences and similarities between New Zealand and New York educational systems. One of the main differences is that his students are getting ready for summer vacation. They were taking National Exams, and could not meet with me today. If we do not fly tomorrow, I will meet with his classes in the afternoon. It was a very enjoyable experience.

We were outfitted today. The gear is tremendous. The parka is like wearing a good down sleeping bag with a hood. I was fortunate to get the last pair of FDX boots in my size, which means I will not have to wear the bunny boots. The FDX boots look like they are more suitable for hiking. I'll get a picture of them when we're on the ice for all you gearophiles (like me).

The goal is to fly tomorrow. We arrive at 6:15 for final details....

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